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About Us
About Metro Arts:

A strong and vibrant community relies upon arts and culture to bring vitality and creativity into the daily life of its residents. The Southern Nevada region is at a critical juncture in its cultural development. In recent years the Las Vegas valley has been lagging in its investments -both private and public -in the arts and culture compared with other regions of similar size. Its arts and cultural organizations have struggled just to meet operating expenses and have been unable to fulfill the region's demands for an increased scale of activities and opportunities as its population exploded. In fact, several cultural groups actually have had to close their doors. Until recently the Las Vegas Metropolitan Area was the only community in the country with a population of over a million residents that did not have a local arts agency. Allied Arts Council was such an organization that started in the 1970s and lasted until the middle of the 1990s but ultimately was disbanded. While this was due to many factors, it was a blow to the cultural climate of Southern Nevada. Subsequently many arts professionals began quietly talking about how to reinstate a new agency that would answer the needs of the Las Vegas Valley and provide a consolidated voice for arts and culture. Metro Arts Council of Southern Nevada (Metro Arts) is the result of these discussions.

Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.
-Victor Hugo

The challenges today
Today every major metropolitan area in the country is in a race for talent, competitiveness and success in an economy that is dramatically different from that of the past. In anticipation for the needs of the "next economy," an effective business plan must emerge for arts and culture to play a central role in economic development and community life. Arts and culture play a key role in attracting talent, developing our future workforce, and creating the vibrant environment that attracts businesses, workers and tourists. Arts and culture also serve a critical role in linking our communities and creating a vibrant identity for the region. Arts and culture are also a driving economic engine to the community by contributing to the regional economy by:
  1. Developing workforce skills and attracting talent.
  2. Attracting business investment leading to jobs and income.
  3. Attracting travelers and tourists.
  4. Generating economic impact and return on investment.
  5. Connecting the community, and building regional vibrancy and enrichment.
  6. Revitalizing our communities, providing opportunities to link and build mixed-use neighborhoods and create unique brands and images for areas.
  7. And complementing the local entertainment industry associated with gaming.

Metro Arts must encourage and facilitate collaborations between neighborhoods and municipalities to strengthen their creative base and enhance the region's arts and culture sector. The region's arts and culture organizations and activities must be built and strengthened on a solid base of support through funding and venues designed to engender appreciation and enjoyment of the art or cultural activity. Metro Arts, in its effort to stabilize the arts and culture industry, must build sufficient public-private partnerships for funding support. Significant and sustained financial support is essential to achieve the maximum impact on the region's economy. A sufficient funding level is needed for arts and culture offerings to move the region from a catch-up position to a competitive and distinctive cultural force nationally.

Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.
-Pablo Picasso

The uniqueness of Southern Nevada
Southern Nevada is unique geographically with its desert environments; socially through its history and recent population hyper-growth into a global village; and culturally with the multiple traditions that define a global community. Partnerships with public and private sectors for investments in arts and culture will create nationally recognized programming, events and organizations; and will create an image for the region in arts and culture built around the area's uniqueness. Metro Arts is now positioned to operate within the context described above and implement its mission of strengthening the cultural life of Southern Nevada.

Entertainment and art are not isolated. Entertainment is in art like color in pictures.
-Martin Kippenberger

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